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A Satire VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Part 2 of 3
MikeTheHuman113: Welcome back, one and all to dA Family Feud! If you remember from last time, Team 2 has 87 points, and Team 1 has yet to appear on the board, but that's okay, anything is possible here in round 2! Gimme SolanumLycopersicum and gimme AntiHer0X!
(both make their way to the front buzzer and shake hands)
MikeTheHuman113: Okay, this is a very special round, because the point values are doubled. Once again, the top 10 answers are on the board behind me. See if you can give me the most popular answer. Name something that triggers Patrickveteranplz2!
(both deviants are quick to buzz in, although SolanumLycopersicum buzzes in first)
MikeTheHuman113: Solanum?
SolanumLycopersicum: How could it be anything other than the episode he wants us all to shut up about? "Brawl in the Family"! 
MikeTheHuman113: Show me "Brawl in the Family"!
(it's the #2 answer with 22 points)
MikeTheHuman113: That was a fine answer, but it's not #1. Can you do better, AntiHer0X?
:iconmikethehuman113:MikeTheHuman113 11 42
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Same here. I mean, I do tend to fall into things that are trending (mostly memes), but a toy that just spins isn't one of them.
Ya know...

I still haven't comprehended the appeal of fidget spinners.
Well, have fun sleeping tonight with that idea in your head!
If you replaced the animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's with Dorbees, you'd get the greatest horror game of all time.
ANOTHER Patvet sock puppet account? Everybody, Block him while you can!


Pretty much everything he said here. Seriously, I don't care if people have a negative opinion on an episode, since entertainment is subjective. What I DO care about is when writers get attacked all for making the episode someone didn't like. As long as the writer had no truly awful intentions, they don't desreve the hate for making something like Brawl In The Family and No Such Luck.

If I'm gonna be honest, I feel sorry for LH writers like Kevin Sullivan and Karla Sakas Shopshire. I kind of get the feeling they regret writing...those two episodes they are infamously known for. If anything, I'm starting to agree with :iconktblade91: that the Nick executives are more to blame for allowing those episodes to be aired. But seeing as how Karla and Kevin were the ones who wrote them, they're the ones who end up getting all the hate from fans. I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up getting hate mail after BitF and NSL were aired. :(
I just want to say to anyone of my friends out there, if there is anybody who is bullying you, I'll block them for you. Because Friends Are Family.
To take some people's mind off what's been going on, I just want to say to those who read my journal review of Cars 3, remember when I said that the next review is gonna be either Transformers The Last Knight ot Despicable Me 3? Well, I just want to say that the former film, I will not review. Why? Personally, I don't care for it anymore. I may find the previous films as a guilty pleasure, but The Last Knight never got me intrested. I only listed it as one of the summer films I would give a journal review is because I wanted to add more live-action to help balance out with the five animated summer films. But looking at it, yeah. Apparently even people that defended the franchise previously actually hated this film. Heck, BlackCriticGuy recently uploaded an EXTREME RANT on the film, and he was the guy who gave Age Of Extinction a little credit (Though to be fair, that was when that film came out). So, you won't see me reviewing that anytime soon. In short, Despicable Me 3 is the next journal review, and I know that's gonna be far superior to Transformers The Last Knight.
Nobody deserves to be bullied. And no one deserves to have someone be left to fight a bully by themselves, either.
Bigbaby is really triggered today
The PRSluts are really angry today.
You know we're living in a strange world when MLP is doing better then Transformers!
If you haven't, block PVP3 before he starts harrassing you.

Please, my followers, do not let me fight PVP3 by myself. This isn't a pathetic troll like Bigbuny we're dealing with, this is a vandalizing bully who attacked AstonLevy, hacked PowerpuffPony1's Google Doc, and... oh yeah, called me an SJW on numerous occasions, seemingly without knowing what an SJW even is.

With the exeption of Vantastic Voyage and Brawl In The Family, yes by a long shot. :D
Okay. Ultimate question regarding "The Loud House":
Is Season 2 better than Season 1?
Oh come on, it can't beat Lincoln Is Done, can it?

*Reads the synopsis*

...Uh Oh....
This is it. The worst. The absolute WORST "Loud House" fanfiction I have ever read in my entire life! Just take everything that doesn't work in "No Such Luck," "Sleuth or Consequences," and "The Green House," and mix in some extra elements that are just insulting and uncomfortable to be associated with such a good show and this is what you get!…
...oh, look at that, Clyde's fathers also have their own Wikipedia article!…
Gosh, this episode REALLY is getting that much attention, huh?

Well, more the reason why it's my new favorite episode.
L is For Love: the first Loud House episode to get its own Wikipedia article.

No, seriously. Here it is.
How to deal with mistakes:
"Whoops, I screwed up. My bad."

How NOT to deal with mistakes:
"Oh no, I screwed up again! My reputation is ruined!"
Well, it's time yet again to speculate.

ARRGH! You For Real?: At first I thought this would be about pirates, but now remembering about the show that Lincoln and Clyde love, I have a feeling this could either be two things: Lincoln getting to starr in an episode of ARRGH!, or Lincoln being massively disappointed in an ARRGH! episode, yet doesn't want to show it because of the overly postive reception it's getting from his friends. Either way, should be fun

Garrage Banned: Please Be About Luna, Please Be About Luna, PLEASE BE ABOUT LUNA...

Job Insecurity: I heard once that this apprently is gonna be a game-changer for the show according to Chris Savino. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's what it is:…

Change Of Heart: If this is the episode Clyde gets over his crush with Lori, I'm a bit nervous if it has a "Status Quo Is God" ending. Hopefully it doesn't.

Health Kicked: Not sure what to expect TBH..

Lynn-er Takes It All: Okay, PLEASE let this be the episode to fix Lynn's reputation in the fandom. Because I'm tired of people treating her as some kind of monster...

embedded_item1498053950151 by DigiCartoonist99
I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed this....

As much as he can be a little too passionate sometimes, he was a good-hearted person notheless. He really did not desreve all the bullying he got since a certain someone made a video about him....
So I was looking at my list of watchers, and I saw that Matrooko11 decided to never reactivate his DA account, and it is now closed forever. I miss having him as a watcher now. :(…


Though at the same time this is making me a little nervous when I go watch Despicable Me 3....
Looks like another one of my watchers has destroyed their reputation because they couldn't respect peoples' differing opinions.

I hope this can be a cautionary tale to everyone. Don't rip on someone for liking or hating something you don't. I may hate Teen Titans Go and Legend of Korra, but I don't go around bashing anyone that does, especially considering I have a friend that likes both shows.
The arrogance is real here...
The original status has been deleted
Cars 3 Movie Poster
Cars, despite being probably one of Disney's biggest money makers alongside Frozen, isn't necessarily Pixar's most reputable franchise. In fact, a lot of people tend to consider it the weakest franchise to come out of Pixar. For me, personally, I do have a soft spot for the movies. Maybe it's due to nostalgia as a kid or something, but I thought the first movie was pretty good. I definitely do see how it's a step back for Pixar (Especially coming off the heels of The Incredibles) since the writing is not all that amazing, but it is still good in itself with a more slice-of-life feel to it, some pretty good animation, the characters are pretty memorable and it does have a pretty good message to it. As for the generally hated Cars 2, I'm in the minority that it was an okay film. Sure, it's by default the worst Pixar film ever, but I don't think it was as terrible as everyone makes it out to be. It does have a lot of issues, like the spy aspect is over the top, it felt more like a extended episode of Mater's Tall Tales, which leads to Mater not being the best protagonist to work with and while the moral of "Be Yourself" has good intentions, it is executed poorly. However, what does keep me from hating it is that it does have some great animation, action scenes that deliver with creativity, and at least none of the characters are truly unlikable. But despite my defenses, I alongside everybody else are pretty much aware that Cars is not looked upon well and when this third movie was announced back in the middle of 2014, even as a defender of the Cars franchise, I didn't really know how to feel about it. I mean, yes. This is more unnecessary since Cars 2 really lowered audience's expectations and the Planes movies that came in-between didn't help. But at the same time, I was willing to give this film a chance depending on what it was gonna offer. Sure enough, in mid-2016, when they revealed the plot of the film and that it was going back to the first film, that's when I go more optimistic since at least I know that this won't end up sucking. Though I still wasn't 100% sure until they release a teaser. So, I waited for a few more months, and then came the faithful day; November 21, 2016. After seeing the Smurfs: The Lost Village trailer, they dropped the teaser trailer and I immediately went to see what happened. Now, given how Pixar has been known for having their teasers be lighthearted and vague about what they're offering, I expected that Cars 3 was going to be the same. But then.. well... this happened:
Image result for cars 3 teaser
From that single teaser, Cars 3 instantly became one of my most anticipated animated films of this year. Not as much as Coco (The other Pixar film we are getting this year) or My Little Pony, but it was in my Top 5. Just from that teaser that took the franchise in a rather interesting route, I really wanted to see more of what was going to happen. There wasn't any way I thought this was gonna outdo Finding Dory or Inside Out, but it did hold a ton of promise. I even went so far to re-watch the other two films and even replayed through the video games just so I can be ready once it comes out. In short, Cars 3 is one of those movies that had my attention all year building up to the release. So, I just got back from seeing it and....

While it's still definitively far from being one of Pixar's best films, I think it says a lot when I say not only is Cars 3 the best one in the series, but also the first Cars movie that I can safely call a film that is 100% worthy of the Pixar name. No, I'm not joking, it is THAT good IMO. Why is that? Well, I can sum it up with the one thing Pixar has always been the best at: The Emotion. Much like the Finding Nemo movies, WALL-E, Up, Toy Story 3, Inside Out, and The Good Dinosaur, this is one of Pixar's more emotion-driven films (No pun intended), and unlike the previous Cars movies, it's better executed given what happens in the plot. In Cars 1, sure, the story was a slice-of-life film that is relaxing and entertaining, but there was not much at stake since it was more about Lightning's road to reformation. As for Cars 2, sure, the stakes were raised there, but because of how it lacked actual sense of peril and how all over the place the story is, the lack of focus does weaken the urgency. But here, there is stuff that's done well enough to help sympathize with Lightning and the sense of urgency is more prominent since what's at risk is Lightning's racing career and while that may not seem much on the surface, what it does to make it something we can really care for is how it tackles the new generation of racing and the new advancements in technology. Although it doesn't hit you over the head on those aspects, they play a pivital role in both the character arcs and what keeps the plot going. Given how much the racing world has changed, it allows for more depth in the story. Another point this film does well is the relationship between Lightning and Cruz Ramirez. I'll get into more detail about them as individual characters, but the film does establish and succeeds in the chemistry between the two. Rather it be through the many (well handled) montages, the racing scenes, some lighthearted moments that provide some good laughs, and of course through the wight of what's happening. Oh, and in case you're wondering since this is the 3rd film in the franchise; Cars 2 seems non-existent here. With the exception of a small cameo (That's not Finn McMissile, Holly Shiftwell, or Francisco Bernoulli, FYI), nothing that happened in Cars 2 is mentioned or brought up. So you can go into this film without seeing Cars 2 and you won't be completely lost. When it comes to the animation, I don't even need to say anything. It's Pixar, you come in expecting fantastic animation and you'll just get that here. Though since this is a review, I still have to explain why the animation is still top-notch. For starters, the backgrounds look outright beautiful. Much like Cars 2, it offers many areas to go to outside of Radiator Springs, but instead of going around the world, we see more racetracks and the Rust-Eze Racing Center and those locations are amazing. The racetracks that we see in this film are great thanks to the high attention to detail, as each of them offer a different feel with the summer feel of Fireball Beach, the hardcore mosh-pit esque Thunder Hallow, the very classic aesthetic of Thomasville and the modern feel of the Florida International Speedway. As for the Rust-Eze Racing Center, it's quite immersive with all the technology the cars use. As for the design of the characters, just when you think Cars 2 already made enough new character models, they do more of that with a lot of the modern racers and even the ones outside of them such as the Crazy Eight (Miss Fritter, Arvy, Doctor Damage) and Doc Hudson's old friends (Smokey, River Scott, Junior Moon, and Louise Nash), they still look great even for an animated film since they do utilize the fact they are Cars more. And then we have the character animation and the racing scenes. Once again, you can tell Pixar is stepping up their game because the racing scenes do feel like actual racing you would see in NASCAR, and even though I'm not an fan of NASCAR, I do love racing in general and the film makes each racing scene accelerating, intense and fun with how the characters would move, especially during the Thunder Hollow Demolition Derby scene. Heck, there was one scene in the climax (Which I refrain from spoiling here) that made someone in the theater go "Whoa!". Oh, and also, there is the infamous crash scene where even though we have seen it numerous times in the advertising, it still has the same shock effect here since it REALLY shows how brutal it is and the atmosphere in that scene captures that feeling well. On to the characters, I think they're the biggest sign of improvement from the previous films since not only they have more depth, but they are worth caring about this time with the main character's arc and the supporting cast doesn't overstay their welcome. With the returning characters, Lightning McQueen is now a much more fleshed out character. Sure, he does retain a few dick-ish qualities, but the film doesn't act as if the first movie doesn't happen since they do go out of their way to show what he's feeling and why. Especially since the entire first act is his racing life falling apart as his friends retire and as Jackson Storm and the new generation racers are slowly taking over, and since Lightning suffers what Doc Hudson suffered, it shows that he doesn't want the same things to happen to him. So, it makes him a more sympathetic character and given how agnorant he was in the first film, it really goes to show how much he's maturing as a character. As for the other characters from the first film, I might as well acknowledge the elephant in the room; Mater. Since he was a problem in the last film, how is he here? I'm safe to say that he's actually fine here. Since the movie is more about Lightning, Mater doesn't do too much. Heck, this film even manages to make him feel like Lightning's best friend better than Cars 2, especially in one particular scene. As for all the other residents in Radiator Springs, the only ones worth pointing out are Sally, Luigi, and Guido, plus throwing in Lightning's hauler Mack. Sally does't have much screentime, but she is utilize well and has a few nice moments with Lightning. As for Luigi and Guido, they're more of Lightning's support when he goes out to train and the same can be said for Mack (Whom gets more lines here than he ever has in the other films). For the rest like Ramone, Flo, Filmore, Sarge, Lizzie, Sheriff and Red, they all are just there and that's it. At the most, they drop at least one line, or even help a little in the climax (Which I won't spoil BTW). But that's not where the returning characters end. Since this feels more like a genuine follow-up to the original, a lot of the characters from Cars 1 return for at either play a small role or a small cameo such as Chick Hicks (Who's voiced by Bob Peterson instead of Micheal Keaton this time), Strip Weathers AKA The King, Tex Dinoco, Dusty Rust-eze and Rusty Rust-eze. And then we have Doc Hudson. To make up for the two small mentions in the previous film, Doc plays a big part of Lightning's development where his legacy and impact on Lightning is part of what motivates him during his journey alongside a few flashbacks that are legitimately heartwarming, especially if Doc was your favorite character in the first film. An note that I would like to add about Doc during the flashbacks is that Pixar decided to do something similar to what Blue Sky did for Bill Melendez as Snoopy in The Peanuts Movie where they use archive recordings from Paul Newman from the first film in order for him to speak in the film, though the difference is that the recordings used here are mostly unused lines that didn't make in the final cut of Cars instead of it all being stock. Moving on to the brand new characters, let's start with Cruz Ramirez (Yeah, apparently my middle and last name were used for a character.), whom I can describe as the Jessie of the Cars films; as in she's a highly optimistic female lead that has a troubled backstory, and although that backstory is in no way as sad as "When She Loved Me", she is just as well-written; starting off as an amusing comic relief at first, but then would get a character arc that has a satisfying resolution. As for the new main antagonist, Jackson Storm, he's mostly to be like Chick Hicks in the original film where you only see alot of him at the start and at the climax. But he does have more personality and he acts a good foil to Lightning where he's like how he was in the first film (Selfish, agnorant and only cares about winning), but only worse. There's also Sterling whom is a bit of a subversion of the usual "Greedy Businessman" that the Official US Trailer seems to make you think he is. He actually does care about Lightning as much as the business, though maybe even too much. As for the rest, they are there for at least one major scene (like Miss Fritter in the Thunder Hollow scene and Smokey and Co. in Thomasville), but they are enjoyable as the usual Pixar side characters.

Now, even though this is a Pixar film, I did say earlier that this is far from being one of their absolute best works, so there are some flaws to be found. Once again, this is a rather predictable movie. Reading the synopsis for this film, you do know that this shares strong similarities to the Rocky films (Most notably the fourth film). So, if you have at least some knowledge of the Rocky films, you know how it will go down for the most part. Also, tonally, the film is a little stuck. It's not that it's too dramatic or too silly, but it sometimes forgets the balance of humor and drama that other Pixar films have, thus leading to scenes that can feel a little bit like filler. That and also, while I will not spoil the ending, it does feel a bit of a cop-out for the main characters to all have a happy end. It's not as bad as something like Ice Age Collision Course since at least the characters did actually do things that would let their ending feel earned, but I think that the film would have been a little stronger if they went a route they went with Monsters University. And lastly, as much as Jackson Storm was a good foil to Lightning, he's still not that good of a main antagonist. I mean, this is the one thing that Cars 2 did better because at least the Lemons had enough screentime and did actions that would warrant them as legit threats. With Jackson, he's not developed enough to make for a solid antagonist. Sure, they do make him try and do things in the climax to where he crosses the moral boundary like what Chick did in the first film, but even at that, Chick already did things to warrant him as a solid antagonist. I'm not saying Jackson is a terrible antagonist, it's just that he could have been handled better.

Overall, Cars 3 is thankfully the best of the Cars films and even something that's completely worthy of the Pixar standards. Sure, it does come with flaws with a rather predictable story, an underwhelming antagonist and an ending that can be considered a cop-out, but thanks to how shocking well-executed the story is, some beautiful animation and how most of the old characters are now upgraded to become more fleshed out and the new characters being enjoyable as well, it's enough to say this is a legit surprise from Pixar, especially given the low standards of the Cars films. As for my recommendations, I'll just say this right now for those who have seen the infamous teaser trailer; please do not go in expecting this to be a dark film because you'll likely get disappointed. That aside, this is a must-watch for any Cars fans like myself, but even I can see some non-fans of the franchise find something to appreciate here. Though if you never cared about the first film to begin with, then maybe wait until the DVD/BLu-Ray release, unless you're curious enough if you think you'll find yourself enjoying this. A note I want to add that before the film, there's an animated short called "Lou", where a box of Lost And Found items at a Pre-School playground comes to life to teach a school bully a thing or two, and it's a lot like what the Disney short "Inner Workings" from last year; it's quite abstract, yet it's quite fun. So, even if you come out not liking this film, at least you can admit that Lou was a pretty good short.

Rating: Amazing

...Yeah. I know that this is the 3rd time I given the "Amazing" rating to a movie, but don't worry. That's likely to change with the next review. Which either will be the 5th installment of a franchise that I sadly can't care about anymore, or another 3rd installment which will be for what I have been calling the Shrek of the 2010's. Until then, stay awesome.


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So Lincoln got a new girlfriend in L is for Love, while she does seem nice. Doesn't Lincoln already have Ronnie Anne? Christa probably did not count as Lincoln's original love interest because it could be that he was pretending that Christa was his love interest in Making the Case.
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So what would you think The Loud House would have been like if most of the episodes were 22 minutes long instead of 11 minutes?
DigiCartoonist99 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I think certain episodes would be better if that ended up the case. As much as I adore the show, one of the biggest issues is that there are times where you can tell the episode had something going for it, but because it has a small runtime of 11 minutes, things tend to get rushed and that results in some of the biggest problems with majority of the weaker episodes. The best example of an episode that would have worked well in 22 minutes is One Of The Boys. As problematic as the episode was, I don't blame Kevin Sullivan for them. That I blame more on the runtime. If the episode was 22 minutes long, it could have fixed the gender steriotypes, which was the thing that caused the episode to fall flat on its face. Plus, it would have more opertunites to show the Loud Brothers be more in line with the Loud sisters' characters rather than male steriotypes. In short, I think a 22 minute runtime would have fixed quite a number of episodes
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Yeah, I was thinking it could have done like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends where most of the episodes are 22 minutes long with only a few episodes being 11 minutes.
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